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The Z-Test Explained Explicitly By Our Statisticians

What Is a Z-test?

As already hinted above, a Z-test is a type of hypothesis test that helps researchers to determine whether results from a test are valid or should be repeated. It basically compares the means of two populations to see if they're different or not, provided that the data being used follows a normal distribution, and the population variance is known. A Z-test can only be run under certain conditions, which are:

  • When your sample size exceeds 30. Otherwise, you'll opt for a t-test.
  • Your data must be normally distributed.
  • The data used must have been randomly selected from the population, which each entry having an equal chance of being selected.
  • Data points should be independent. That is, no data should affect the other.
  • The sample sizes should be equal, if possible.

What is a Z-score?

A Z-score, also called a Z-statistic, is the number obtained after conducting a Z-test. It indicates the number of standard deviations above or below the mean population the score derived from a Z-test is. If you're asking, "What does the z-statistic tell you," the answer is simple. A Z-statistic of 0 indicates that the mean score and data point's score are identical. If the value is 1, it's one standard deviation above the mean. A negative Z-statistic shows how many standard deviations the score derived from the test is below the mean.

How Do You Solve Z-tests Step By Step?

If you want to run a Z-test, you must follow the following steps to ensure that you don't go wrong at any stage:

  1. Define the null and alternative hypotheses
  2. Choose an alpha level
  3. Choose the critical value of Z using a Z table
  4. Compute the Z-test statistic ( you can use your hand or SPSS)
  5. Compare the value obtained in the step above (Z-statistic/Z-score) with the critical Z value and decide whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis defined above

What Is The Difference Between a Z-test and a T-test?

While they're often closely related, t-tests are run when the sample is small, typically less than 30. Another difference is that Z-tests assume that the standard deviation is known while t-tests assume that it's unknown. Therefore, a t-test is usually valid where the Z-test doesn't fit.

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