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Regression analysis is a vital statistical modelling tool used to estimate the relationship between one or more independent variables and a dependent variable. It's mainly used to forecast, find cause-and-effect relationships between variables, and model time series. If you're dealing with an assignment that requires you to perform regression analysis using SPSS, chances are that you may need help at some point. A few concepts may just not click, or you could run into a busy schedule that robs you of the time to spare for your assignments.

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More about Regression Analysis from Our Experts

As already explained, regression analysis is a statistical tool used to find the relationship between dependent and independent variables. It can be used in several ways, including predicting the future, finding and correcting errors, supporting decisions, and improving efficiency in some fields, to mention a few. There are various types of regression analysis as explained in the following section:

Types of Regression Analysis

    1. Linear Regression Analysis

    As the name suggests, the relationship between the independent and dependent variables in this type of regression analysis is linear. That is, if the data is plotted on a graph, a line of best fit (regression line) will be drawn. It is the most commonly used type of regression analysis. Linear regression can also be divided into:

    Simple Linear Regression: - In this case, there is one dependent and one independent variable.

    Multiple Linear Regression: - Here, there are two independent and one dependent variable.

    2. Polynomial Regression Analysis

    Polynomial regression models the expected value of a dependent variable with regard to the value of an independent variable, X. It's mostly used for curvilinear data and it makes fits perfect by the use of least squares.

    3. Logistic Regression Analysis

    Logistic regression is used to compute the probability of mutually exclusive events. The probability values strictly range between 0 and 1. It's always used when the dependent variable is dichotomous and it estimates the parameters of the logistic model.

    4. Stepwise Regression Analysis

    In this type of regression, the predictive variable is automatically generated based on a predefined criterion. The predictive value can be added or removed depending on specified rules. We understand how to conduct stepwise regression analysis using SPSS.

    5. Quantile Regression Analysis

    This type of regression is commonly used in statistics and econometrics. It's an extension of the standard linear regression that is usually used when the conditions of standard linear regression aren't met. It allows us to understand the relationship between variables that are outside the mean of the data.

Assumptions of Regression Analysis

  1. There is an assumption that the cause and effect between the underlying relations is constant, i.e., it will not change.
  2. Without modern statistical software, computing the values of regression analysis can be tedious, lengthy, and fatiguing.
  3. Regression analysis is only done with quantitative data. It can't establish relationships between qualitative data.
  4. If the sample size isn't selected carefully, results can be erroneous.

We Provide Regression Analysis Assignment Help Based on Any Concept

Regression analysis gives insights into the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The concept consists of various sub-topics that students must understand to be able to tackle various types of regression analyses. For example, they have to understand everything about the rules of regression analysis, know how to interpret the results, and wrap their heads around how to navigate SPSS for effective regression analysis.

We've met and solved various types of regression analysis problems that ask us to do logistic, polynomial, univariate, multivariate, and other types of regression. Below are some of the concepts that our experts can help you with on your assignment:

Hypothesis Testing

Data and Variable View in SPSS

The F Statistic

Explaining Results


Predictor and Response Transformations

Dealing with Missing Data




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