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ANOVA is an acronym for analysis of variance, which is a statistical tool that is used to determine whether there are any statistically significant differences between the means of two or more independent sets of data. At one point in your studies, you might need to conduct an analysis of variance to determine or measure the variation between two or more groups of data using SPSS.

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Understanding More About ANOVA

ANOVA is a test used to know if there is a statistically significant difference between two or more groups using variance. It tests for the difference in means of independent groups of data. For example, it can be used to check the effectiveness of a treatment method, given several options; determine if a process of manufacturing something is better than another (or others), and find out if a college is better than another one/others if given the same exam.

Types of ANOVA

    1. One-way ANOVA

    One-way simply means that there is only one independent variable that is affecting a dependent variable. There are two possible hypotheses in one-way ANOVA. The null hypothesis states that there isn't any difference between the groups, as well as equality between the means. On the other hand, the alternative hypothesis claims that there is a difference between the means and groups being compared.

    The disadvantage of a one-way ANOVA is that while it can tell you that at least two groups were indeed different from one another, it can't identify the groups. In this case, you may need to run an hoc test so that you disclose the exact groups that differed.

    2. Two-way ANOVA

    There are two independent variables in a two-way ANOVA. It determines the effect of two factors on a dependent variable. For example, it may be used to test the effects of social contact, family history, and family history on an individual's depression level.

Assumptions of ANOVA

  1. The groups involved in the test must have equal sample sizes
  2. The test can only be conducted if there's no relationship between the members of each of the groups being compared. For example, a member of group A can't be a member of group B and or C
  3. The variances of the populations from which the samples are drawn must be homoscedastic (equal)
  4. The dependent variable should be normally distributed

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