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Our Privacy Policy - SpssAssignmentHelp.com

Here is our privacy policy that assures you of the security of all personal details shared with us. We take your security seriously and would not want to have you suffer any cybercrime on our website.

General Information on Our Privacy Policy

We understand how much your privacy and security matter to you. It's our ethical duty to make certain that you are aware of our privacy policy, and that we do everything to protect your privacy. Please make sure that you read between the lines to acquaint yourself with how we handle your data for a smooth experience with us. Kindly take note that we reserve the right to tweak this privacy policy at any time without notice. Therefore, it's your obligation to keep checking this page for any changes.

Which Information Do We Collect from You?

If you choose to work with us, we shall need to collect some information about you. Such information will help us with identification and other important purposes. The information that we collect from you includes:

  • Your Name
  • Your Country of Origin
  • Your Phone and Email Contacts
  • The Date Preferred for Service Delivery
  • Any Other Information That May Be Useful in Serving You

What We Do With the Information Collected

Record-keeping: - We need your information to keep records on how you were served, what you prefer, and other metrics. Such records help us with making future business decisions, modeling our marketing strategy, calculating taxes payable, and doing many more.

Order Tracking: - Our company awards you a unique order number each time you pay for help with your SPSS assignment from us. The order number easily helps us track our working history.

Maintaining Membership: - While you do not formally register an account with us, we keep your information to help us identify you easily when you reorder from us. Such information is helpful in helping us award you discounts accordingly.

Business Analysis: - We track the pattern with which you order for SPSS assignment help. Such information helps us to know how frequently students order from us and do comparisons with others. While doing this comparison, we don't share your data with anyone.

Service Improvement: - When you leave a review on our website, we use it to know what you need and adjust our services according to what you desire.

The Security of Your Information

All the information you share with us is safe.in our custody. Our company has invested in several data encryption technologies that require official permission from us to penetrate. Therefore, no one except the top officials of SpssAssignmentHelp.com will handle your data.

However, if required, by the way, we may be obliged to share some information about you with the relevant authorities. We can also share the information if doing so will help us overcome a security breach that might harm our existence and or contract. We do all this to ensure that you feel safe on this website.


Cookies refer to small files usually placed on our web visitors' computers or devices for the sole purpose of identifying your browsing trends to help us improve your experience on the website. Contrary to popular opinion, cookies are safe and do not steal any information from your device. Instead, they allow us to know your preference and respond to your unique needs as an individual.

We use the information collected using cookies only for making your experience better. We will always seek your permission to accept or reject cookies on your computer. Plus, if you'd previously accepted cookies and you've changed your mind about them, you still have the chance to remove them from your computer via your browser settings.


All payments made for SPSS assignment help to us must be completed online. We accept various payment avenues including but not limited to bank cards, PayPal, and Payoneer. All payments are secured by the latest encryption technologies. Therefore, the chances that someone will access your information without our permission are very close to zero. Plus, we do not share any information about you or your bank with anyone willingly. In the same way, we ask you to keep such information to yourself. Meanwhile, in case we have any issues with your payments, we'll only contact you and not anyone else.

Links to Other Websites

SpssAssignmentHelp may sometimes work with other websites for advertisement and other purposes. Therefore, we may have links to such websites on our website. If you choose to click such links, you'll be redirected to those websites. And when it happens, our privacy policies are no longer in charge. That means we'll no longer be responsible for any damages due to your privacy. Therefore, we ask you to read and understand such websites' privacy policies.