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SPSS is a statistical software used by researchers on complex statistical data. This software is run by IBM, which bought it from SPSS Inc. in 2009. The software was initially developed in 1968. SPSS is used by data miners, government institutions, marketing firms, health researchers, and many others to analyze data. Through statistics, people;

  • Solve complex statistical and research problems through its friendly interface.
  • Understand large and complex data sets through statistical procedures that help people make fast and quality decisions.

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SPSS programs

Statistics programIt gives a large statistical functionality, including frequencies, bivariate statistics, cross-tabulation, etc.
Modeler programThrough this program, researchers can build and validate models through statistical procedures.
Visualizer designerVisualizer designer creates a wide range of visuals such as radial box plots and density charts.
Text analytics for survey programText analytics for survey program gives concrete feedback analysis. It helps in getting a vision for the actual plan.

Types of SPSS

There are two types of SPSS;

Variable view – Variable view allows people to customize the data type that is required to analyze it. For one to analyze data in variable view, you need to populate several column heads such as;

  • Name
  • Label
  • Type
  • Decimals
  • Width
  • Columns
  • Measures
  • Align

The above headings are attributes that help in characterizing the data accordingly.

Data view - In this type, data is structured in rows and columns. By adding data manually or importing data, one can use SPSS.

Features of SPSS

SPSS is a widely used statistical software for research, experimentation, and decision making.

SPSS has the following features;

  1. It comes with a spreadsheet to solve algebraic, arithmetic, and trigonometry operations.
  2. It has a report generator that enables people to prepare reports after ta research is carried out. The reports have text, graphs, tables, and statistical results.
  3. SPSS comes with a database manager that enables dynamic processing of data and updates operating changes.
  4. It also comes with a data mining manager, which carries out intelligent searches to extract hidden information.
  5. Through data analysis, you can extract all the information you need to use to execute inferential, descriptive, and other statistical procedures.

Advantages of SPSS

  • Through SPSS, you save time as all the tasks are performed within seconds. These are tasks that would otherwise require hours or days if done manually.
  • SPSS allows people to work on large amounts of data
  • Through SPSS, calculations are more accurate and help you avoid estimations that occur when doing manual calculations.
  • SPSS assist you to transfer attention to the conceptual tasks from calculations. Through it, you can now concentrate on decision-making, interpretation of results, and analysis.

Use of SPSS in research

SPSS is used in many areas of research. These areas include;

  1. Business research: Through SPSS, you can learn when to buy products and position your brand, among other service attributes.
  2. Criminology and psychology
  3. Sociological survey: You can use SPSS to assess service in the public sector and identify specific factors affecting people.
Use of SPSS in research
  1. In the health industry: You can analyze and make conclusions on specific diseases using SPSS. You can also use SPSS on pandemics to know the rates of spread.