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Mean Comparison through Descriptive Statistics, Box Plots and ANOVAs

Although I provide plagiarism free assignment help I do not require the work itself to be an assignment. If you have a study that needs statistical analysis applied then I am excited to work with you. The homework help example below was not an assignment but rather a small study for a high school instructor. The instructor had a sample with both genders, four periods (Period 5 instead of Period 4), and two grade levels (10 and 12). For good measure, the instructor provided race (Asian, Black, Latino and White) and skin tone (Light, Dark and Black) information. As for dependent variables, scores on a particular subject were taken along with score growth and distraction growth on repeated questions. As always I work 24/7 to deliver online help with vibrant SPSS graphs such as the first two box plot charts by grade and by period, respectively, all within deadline. Below one can see that it is difficult to distinguish a difference between grades or period for any of the dependent variables. This is also the case with the gender and race variable, but the latter exhibits much larger variation, indicating the possibility of heteroscedastic errors.

Skin tone exhibits similar behavior as race.

24/7 Homework help comes with as many graphs and statistics as needed to help summarize, interpret, and support a study. Below are assignment help normality statistics tests which indicate that one rejects the null hypothesis of normality for high school seniors on distraction growth. Similarly, period 5 is rejected for score and distraction growth at the 95% level. Finally, Females on distraction growth, Asians on score, and Black (both race and skin tone) on distraction growth were indicated to be statistically different from normally distributed. Nevertheless, this online help provides SPSS ANOVA tables, which are calculated to provide statistical inference.

The SPSS ANOVA table below is for the dependent variable score. The model below is just a step in the assignment help process to find the best model, but in this case the online help is limited to the full model since some assignments require interpretation of the statistically insignificant variables or must be summarized and rushed within deadline. Below only grade and gender have statistically significant effects (ignoring the intercept). When score growth is the dependent variable, only race is statistically significant. Finally, when distraction growth is the dependent variable grade, gender and skin tone are statistically significant. Plagiarism free means that all tables are provided even if the model is not well specified, all to get you the results you want 24/7. In this case it is interesting to see that gender, race, and skin tone variables are not always specified in the model.

It is my duty to make sure you get the statistics theory to explain the behavior of data, such as the fact that race and skin tone may be highly correlated, resulting in multicollinearity. This increases standard errors which in turn lowers t-values, increasing the likelihood of a Type II error where one fails to reject a false null hypothesis. Statistical theory in the study is just another insurance to ensure plagiarism free work.