What are the Key Differences between SPSS and Excel?


What are the Key Differences between SPSS and Excel?

SPSS Assignment HelpSPSS is the acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Science. When it comes to statistical packaging tools, SPSS has cut a niche in the market because of its efficiency in data manipulation and storage. This software package comes with an open source version, PSPP, which is quite good in the process of statistics and manipulation of data of large data chunks. Excel, on the other hand, can be used by the user to store information in a tabular format and interact with data in a myriad of ways. Excel is equipped with functions and operations that support sorting and filtering as well as using formulas and pivot tables.

Caught in a dilemma on whether to perform your statistical analyses using excel or SPSS? Here are some of the key differences between SPSS and Excel:

  • SPPSS supports a plethora of computations in subjects such as data storages and data formats whereas Excel has mathematics concepts in topics such as algebra, calculus and advanced statistics among others.
  • SPSS equips students with extensive knowledge of how the process is built in batches and work. In addition, you also get to understand memory management in programming areas. With Excel, you get a view of how data is used in a study. This includes storage, processing, and manipulation to eliminate redundancy and making it meaningful to users.
  • SPSS provides a precise insight into the usage of computing storages and the efficiency of the memory system. Whereas Excel enables users to extract meaningful information and knowledge from data in different formats.
  • Some of the concepts taught in SPSS include computation, probabilistic theories, discrete structures, reasoning, and database. Excel supports a number of formulated and simpler mathematical concepts and analytics.
  • Excel is a statistics package that supports standard data manipulation. SPSS is a renowned statistical and a major batch processing tool.

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